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I’m extremely interested in superfoods, vitamins, minerals, hormones, stem cells, cellular medicine, membrane medicine, longevity, anti-aging, health span & life span.  What’s not to love?  What else on EARTH could be as fascinating and important and exciting? on the material plane.

Of course spiritually, musically and in other dimensions, there are lots of even more exciting and power things most would agree, but while you are standing on this planet, in this body, and we are talking about our material life here on this Planet…you are a creature, with a physical form. What is more important than being a healthy creature so you can also become human and beyond!

Learn about Superfoods, super nutrition, cutting edge nutritional breakthroughs and mastering the healthy lifestyle for a better quality of life. Sharing some real gems of great value here, hence, the DIAMOND below.  The REAL diamond is your health.

This is a new site build so bear with me, the old site finally fell apart.

I’m not a huge fan of most “marketing” nowadays, it’s pretty cheesy. Sometimes it’s just really silly. In fact, marketing is often just plain annoying. I’m not interested in marketing health products per se, and I definitely don’t want to be annoying just to be a success. I’m interested in learning more each day, and that’s what I do. That’s what interests me the most, what about you? 

I spend time each and every day researching cutting edge nutritional breakthroughs with a healthy dose of skepticism. I seek experts from the world of science as well as the world of anthropology. I’m interested in the present day science of health as well as the traditions of ancient cultures and civilizations to share with you my guests.  I’m starting with the basics first, and if you’re interested in more advanced knowledge keep an eye on this site in the years ahead and learn about superfoods along with me.

Most interesting of all perhaps, is the never ending parade of NEW spectacular developments and knowledge in this super fast expanding world of health, longevity and anti-aging. Quality of life and health span are rising fast for those that know enough about this stuff and are able to do it. Probably 99% of health upgrades are about what you DON’T eat, and what you DON’T do.

I’m going to post information about superfoods and health products I really love and provide at least three buy now buttons for each recommended product hopefully.

These buy now buttons can be found at the bottom of each blog post, sometimes in the middle of the post. Sometimes I include related products of interest.  When you visit healthycreatures and then buy with one of the links onsite here, you are helping me learn more and learn faster to share with you more and faster. Full disclosure, yes they are affiliate links.

I am selecting my top choices available for you to buy with one click to try it out.  If you like it, please return here and shop some more at healthycreatures, it’s the same price for you!  Support the HealthyCreature cause!  I’m sharing some real gems here with more to come.  |

Here’s a picture of a diamond.  |

Your health is worth way more than this shiny rock.  Your health is a gem. Don’t lose your gem! Become a HEALTHYCREATURE yourself.  Tell a friend about HEALTHYCREATURES! Clean, Polish and care for your diamond!

You may well wonder how I have formed my opinions and preferences in the world of superfoods…

I learn from experts, teach experts, debate experts, debunk experts, challenge experts, workout with experts, drink health tonics with experts, learn and teach with a network of other health fans, wrestle and grapple with experts and uncover hidden or hiding experts around the world in a never ending search for priceless knowledge and information to continually upgrade my own personal quest for vibrant health and an ever improving quality of life. I am wary of corporate interests in the health sector here in the United States where this is a huge concern now.  If you’ve seen something advertised on tv, don’t eat it!  Whatever it is, don’t put it into your mouth.  See this old tv.  There were once advertisements for cigarettes and booze on here and still has ads for beer, soda, DIET SODA and far worse the “energy drinks”! oh man.

The advertisements are not promoting GOOD things, ever. Are they? Very rare if you spot one like THAT.

I have a curious and probing mind as we all do naturally and I simply want to forage successfully in the jungle of earth and it’s inhabitants to enable me to prosper and maybe help a few others in their quest.  I’m going to explore this vast realm in my posts bit by bit as we journey forward with this blog.  What adventure could be more exciting than the quest for the Holy Grail itself.  Health. The Diamond.

I simply have a passion for discovery and self improvement. You are invited to join me in the adventure. I hope I have some information that is of interest to someone and I hope I do not offend anyone with my views which may not be shared by everyone. I am simply exercising my right to explore and have an interesting adventure.  Don’t you want to have an interesting adventure?

For those of you who are new to this world of superfoods and raw organic foods, I recommend starting your journey at because in my view this is a very central and critical web site for those who are serious about enlarging their views on health and nutrition. It’s a good start.  For vegetarians and vegans, maybe it’s not a good start.  Forgive me. I actually think there are some non vegan and non vegetarian supplements and treatments and foods that can actually BE critical for some people, and extremely beneficial.

But I love vegan and vegetarian food of course and I am 90% vegetarian, leaning towards 99% usually. I may give up salmon, but a REALLY high quality salmon is pretty amazing for your health. A river caught salmon or bass could be spectacular, but most ocean fish is risky now due to mercury concerns and worse (radiation).

For the meat eaters: Please be Very cautious with fish (always get wild or river caught) Avoid CAFL meat like the PLAGUE that it is (confined animal feed lot) because of a long list of pretty scary reasons. If you are going to eat meat, get the high quality grass fed, no exceptions. Be sure it has not been injected with anything, or fed GMO corn, or terrified and tortured. If you want to eat meat in 2024, you have to spend a FORTUNE to get the TOP TOP quality, and it’s not cheap OR easy to find. Basically look for the MOST expensive meat in the market if you must buy meat at a market. Ideally you would find a bespoke farm, such as an Amish farm where you can trust the meat has not been injected and fed with gmo corn.

For most people vegan or vegetarian, or better yet keto is by far the best way to go, even if it’s not 100%, if you’re 90% there, that’s REALLY huge.

Regarding fish: I recently heard about some HEALTHY FARMED FISH that is being done in Canada, but of course, 100% of the “farmed” fish you see at the market is SUPER nasty and is one of the top 5 WORST foods you can possibly eat. Period. I am going to try and learn more about those healthy fish farms in Canada, sounds too good to be true, but somebody should be doing that right! That’s exciting if it’s true…

I try to give up something bad each year and encourage you to do the same. Once you learn about the healthy alternatives available in the 21st Century, you might find it’s not such an unpleasant path to take after all, quite the contrary.

Above all, I welcome and encourage your comments.  As long as they are respectful, relevant and interesting or funny, I will most likely approve them. I’d love to hear recipe ideas from people in the comments.

Who am I? Who cares?  I’m here to learn with you together, as healthycreatures all living on the same planet together. I’m here to share the excitement of living in the 21st century together, and pursue the most exciting adventure of all. The quest for vibrant health and wellness.

Even beyond that, the quest to become a good human and beyond. First you must be a healthy creature or you will never become human or go beyond human, you must care for the creature (the body) to then also become human and then perhaps super human. Without the healthy creature, there is no healthy soul or shen or shining aura and only when you are a healthy creature can you then become a healthy human and beyond.

People deny that they are partly a creature, but that creature has been your SURVIVAL instinct for millennia. Only in recent times have more and more people learned to evolved beyond the creature. Not better than the rest, just further down the path.

Anyway, yea, healthycreatures is BACK!


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